“JES, today I promise you this, I will be your rock when you need a shoulder to cry on I will be your pushing bag when life is being life, I will be silent when you need me to listen I will be loud and strong when you need me to be the bad guy, I will be a smart ass I can’t help it, but I will always apologies afterwards I will be forgiving because I know we allow our emotions to speak for us sometimes, I will be patience because we have the rest of our life’s together to figure it out, I will be relentless when it comes to making you happy, I will be there to help your dreams become a reality I will adore you and love you till my last breath, I’ll be myself and be yours forever”


“I promise to be your super women your source of strength, stability and sexyness and even when I can’t I know you will be there to be my superman just as you always have and always will, I promise to be your protecter your home and your happy place, I promise to not try and change you but cherish you and accept you for who you are and take pride in you, I promise to choose you each an everyday above work, above family and above friends, I choose you and promise to put you first. I promise to be your best friend your confidant and your partner, your person to comfort, support and adore you. I promise to be loyal, always open and honest and never take advantage of you. I promise to embarrassed you in public with all of my inappropriate displays of affection I Levitate towards you and simply can’t help to intertwining myself into you just like our souls have. Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them I promise to fall in love with you perfectly each and every day I love you Kalin and promise to be yours”


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